The Lemuel Doe Story

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Bloomington,MN—— Today we would like to bring the public aware of the great Lemuel Doe. Lemuel is a guard who stands at 6’1 from Boston Massachusetts. Both of Lemuel’s parents were from Liberia and his father was Ex Liberian President Samuel Doe. In 1990 President Doe was murdered and Lemuel’s mother than moved to Boston where she gave birth to the younger Doe. Lemuel started playing basketball at the age of 4yrs old attempting granny shots just to try to get the ball in the hoop. Well those granny shots turned into paid buckets as Lemuel had stints in Iceland and Spain before making his way back to the U.S. Lemuel currently plays in the Midwest Basketball League (MBL) for the Rochester Roadrunners under the direction of Brandi Williams. During the year usually a players game will decrease but Doe has been getting better and better. When asked Lemuel his purpose on the team he stated that he wants to win a ring with the club and also have an opportunity to make his return overseas. I had a chance to interview Lemuel recently and he had this to say to his followers:

‘Those who looked up to me from day one; I just want you to know that this story isn’t finished, the ball and grind doesn’t stop.

“When I’m on the court!!!! I play with so much passion and emotion like Westbrook, but different playing styles.

Doe is a player that is self driven and will do whatever it takes to succeed at the task that is laid before him. If you would like a chance to see Lemuel in action make sure you make your way down to Rochester Minnesota as the regular season will get underway on April 6th.