TC Elite vs Cedar Valley CourtKings preview

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Cedar Valley----After looking defeat in the eyes quite a bit this season the CourtKings have always found a way to get the job done. If you have been wondering what makes this team so special keep on reading

1. Regardless of being down 15 or more points this team just doesnt get rattled as they keep open communication on the court as you can hear them talking throughout the game.

2. They get out and run in transition making teams have to not only work on offense but burn energy trying to catch them on fast breaks which can turn into a fulltime job.

3. Brady Burford!!!!! Brady Burford!!!!! Brady Burford!!!!! This kid is a wrecking ball that opens up things for the Cedar Valley guards to take high percentage shots with his ability to dominate the post.

TC Elite----TC has been doing a great job this season and will be looking to rebound off a 96-80 defeat at the hands of the Lakers a week ago. In order for them to even have a chance in Waterloo below are some adjustments that will need to be made:

1. Bryce Williams and Quincy Bey will have to get going early and attack the heart of the CourtKings defense to open up shots for Antonio Berry and easy buckets for AJ Wilson and the Elite big men in the paint.

2. Force Cedar Valley into a halfcourt game by taking away easy transition bucketsĀ 

3. Limit turnovers