Lakers top Broncos 131-123 in preseason action

On a cold Saturday in January we were treated to a friendly rivalry in the western division of the MBL, a preseason matchup between the Minnesota Broncos and the Minnesota Lakers at the High School of Recording Arts in St. Paul.

The game got going and was close early, until the likes of Jerry Sweezy and Kenny Bass took over late in the 1st into the 2nd quarter, extending the Lakers lead to 20 points at one time. By halftime the Broncos has fought back and got the deficit to 15. Lakers 67-52 Broncos.

This game quickly turned around in the 2nd half as the scoring erupted from the Broncos, behind William Triggs, Dave Hicks, Brandyn Frelix and Alex Johnson. By the end of the 3rd this was a tightly contested matchup. In fact as we got midway into the 4th, the Broncos held as much as a 5 point lead, but they ran out of gas, as the Lakers used some timely buckets and free throws to pull away late and win 131-123.

Scoring totals for the Broncos:
Josh gonnigan- 11
William Triggs- 20
Adam Wright- 7
Alejandro Richardson- 4
Steven Stransky- 4
Alex Johnson- 23
EJ Haymor- 8
Brandon Frelis- 17
Dave Hicks- 29 (game high)

Scoring totals for the Lakers
Quinton Jackson- 18
Roc Rogers- 27
Meech williams- 14
Kenny Bass- 17
Jerry Sweezy- 15
Taurice Smith- 6
Jameson Linsday- 2
Shane bosek- 4
Art Harris- 15

Written by: Jason Rynders